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Wellness Services

Allied Health Services

Individual, partner and group exercise

Why Your Path To Health

Your Path to Health offers a large range of allied health and wellness services in a friendly, supportive and encouraging atmosphere allowing everybody to feel safe and positive.

From the moment you walk in the door you are made to feel welcome, that you and your journey matters and that you can achieve your health and fitness goals.

Every new client starts with a thorough consultation and assessment not just considering your goals but other considerations such as: lifestyle and finances to determine a plan that will work best for you. We need to develop a plan that you can sustain in the long term so we have to listen to what you want and what you need, aiming to understand what you need as a client.

The atmosphere in the exercise studio allows you to feel right at home, somewhere private with individuals going through similar challenges offering support. We offer a new environment one free of the gym stereotype where you can come and gain the advice and knowledge you need to finally move forward.

Our program’s are not just worthwhile but also financially viable, we can tailor a plan and support option that fits within your budget whilst still providing the level of service and accountability to get you your required results.

We want to help you so please give us a call today or drop by one of our clinics and have a look, give us the comfort and knowledge test and see what we can offer you.



Do you have pain or injury that’s interfering with YOUR life? Do you want to achieve YOUR physical health goals? Then Your Path to Health’s exceptional physiotherapy team can help YOU achieve this!   What can a physiotherapist do for you? Physiotherapy is a crucial healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent […]

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Appointments now available call 6272 4539 to make an appointment   Webpage under development Thank you for your patience.

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  We provide practical, evidenced based nutrition advice to achieve your personal and health goals. We understand that everyone’s lifestyle and nutrition needs are different so we will provide you with personalised practical advice, professional support and we teach the accountability you need to achieve your goals. How can we help you? Weight loss Weight […]

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Occupational Therapy

Now at Your Path to Health – Book Now Call 6272 4539   Information coming soon Thank you for your patience.

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